LG K61 model numbers revealed by Bluetooth SIG – Might Come in 8 Models Q630EAW Q630HM Q630HA

The upcoming LG K61 smartphone with the model number LM-Q630EAW has just passed Bluetooth SIG certification. According to the Bluetooth SIG listing, The LG K61 has at least eight model variants, namely the LM-Q630EAW, LM-Q630HM, LM-Q630HA, LM-Q630EA, LM-Q630UM, LM-Q630BAW, and LM-Q630BMW. Several days ago, LG Germany listed the K61 LM-Q630EAW (Q630EAW) on its official website. … Read more

LG K51s model numbers spotted at Bluetooth SIG – LM-K510EMW, LM-K510BMW

A new LG handset carrying the model number LM-K510EMW has just been spotted at the Bluetooth SIG. As Per the Bluetooth SIG listing, the handset with the design name LM-K510EMW has the following model variants: LM-K510EMW LM-K510BMW LM-K510HM LM-K510ZMW LM-K510ZM LG official is now listing the LM-K510EMW model LG K51s on LG Germany’s official website. … Read more

X320APM10h: LG Arena 2 LMX320APM software update with January Security Patch

The AT&T branded LG Arena 2 LMX320APM (X320APM) is getting a new software update. According to our sources, this is just a maintenance update based on Android 9.0 PIE with a security patch and bug fixes. The update arrives as software version X320APM10h and includes the January 2020 Android Security Patch. For your information, the … Read more