Does the LG L455DL work on T-Mobile’s 600 MHz Band 71?

Is LG L455DL compatible with TMobile LTE Band 71? Does LG L455DL smartphone have T-mobile’s band 71?

Yes,  The Upcoming LG L455DL is a mid-range Android smartphone that runs on the T-mobile’s 600MHz network, also known as LTE Band 71.

Last December, The LG L455DL received the FCC Approval.

It looks like it is a phone built for all major US carriers. It has the LTE band support for all the big guys and that includes T-Mobile’s band 71 and band 12.

According to the SAR test report for LG L455DL smartphone, The device supports the following 4G LTE bands:

  • LTE Band 71
  • LTE Band 12
  • LTE Band 13
  • LTE Band 26 (Cell)
  • LTE Band 5 (Cell)
  • LTE Band 66 (AWS)
  • LTE Band 4 (AWS)
  • LTE Band 25 (PCS)
  • LTE Band 2 (PCS)
  • LTE Band 41

You can download the Digital LG L455DL user manual in PDF format here, or check out the LG L455DL Specs and features here!

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