LG K51 Variants & model numbers?

As per a listing on the GCF (Global Certification Forum) website., LM-K500UM is the model number for the LG K51 smartphone.

In fact, the LG K51 LM-K500UM (K500UM) received the FCC Approval in December 2019.

According to the FCC documents, the LG K51 has the following variants:

LG-L555DL,LGL555DL,L555DL  – Tracfone, Net10 & Straight Talk
LM-K500UM,LMK500UM,K500UM -?
LM-K500QM,LMK500QM,K500QM -?
LM-K500QM5,LMK500QM5,K500QM5 -?
LM-K500QM6,LMK500QM6,K500QM6 -?
LM-K500MM,LMK500MM,K500MM – MetroPCS
LM-K500UL,LMK500UL,K500UL  -?
LM-K500VPP,LMK500VPP,K500PP – Verizon Wireless

LG K51 Frequency Bands and Network Compatibility

The LG K51 supports 2 GSM bands, 3 UMTS bands, and 10 LTE bands, See the tables below for details.




UMTS 850

UMTS 1750

UMTS 1900


LTE Band 71

LTE Band 12

LTE Band 13

LTE Band 26 (Cell)

LTE Band 5 (Cell)

LTE Band 66 (AWS)

LTE Band 4 (AWS)

LTE Band 25 (PCS)

LTE Band 2 (PCS)

LTE Band 41

You can also download RF-Exposure-Info-LG-K51 and check LG K51 model variants and network Compatibility in detail!

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