LG K51s model numbers spotted at Bluetooth SIG – LM-K510EMW, LM-K510BMW

A new LG handset carrying the model number LM-K510EMW has just been spotted at the Bluetooth SIG.

As Per the Bluetooth SIG listing, the handset with the design name LM-K510EMW has the following model variants:


LG official is now listing the LM-K510EMW model LG K51s on LG Germany’s official website.

Now we know that the LM-K510EMW (K510EMW) is the European version of the LG K51s. The K510BMW could be the LG K51s for Brazil market.

According to our tipster, the LM-K510ZM (LM-K510ZMW) is going to be launched in the South Africa market.

To learn more about the European Version LG K51s Specs and features in detail, please refer to below LG K51s Specs sheet.


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