LG will abandon the G series flagship smartphone – No LG G9 anymore

Looks like LG will not release LG G9 flagship smartphones anymore!

G8X ThinQ, LG Electronics' last G series smartphone
G8X ThinQ, LG Electronics’ last G series smartphone

Now, LG annually releases two flagship lines: G and V. LG’s market strategy was to release the G-series in the first half and the V-series in the second half.

However, LG plans to abandon its ‘G’ series smartphone.

According to recent reports on the 27th, LG Electronics will adopt a new name for its 2020 flagship smartphone instead of the name originally known as ‘G 9 ThinQ’

The LG’S 2020 flagship smartphone that is expected to be released in May was originally known as ‘G9 ThinQ’, but it is named as a new brand. It will also replace mid-to-low-priced brands.

An official from LG Electronics said, “Most of the agenda has reached a conclusion. We are adjusting our disagreement over our brand strategy. ”

The new LG’s flagship will use  Qualcomm Snapdragon765 Soc that integrated 5G modem. This can reduce the size of the smartphone.

In conclusion, there will be no LG G9 anymore. LG will release a new smartphone with higher hardware specs for a lower price.

“The new product has a premium grade specification, but it is expected to be released in the 800,000 won range.”, said an official from LG Electronics.





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